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Fraunhofer USA CMI Donates Thousands of Masks to Those In Need

By: Fraunhofer USA CMI / Apr 6, 2021 6:23:15 PM / Custom Automation - Testing

Check out this article written by Boston University's College of Engineering discussing the masks made on campus at Fraunhofer USA Center for Manufacturing Innovation.

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Fiber Optic Gyroscopes

By: Aaron Sharpe / Dec 20, 2019 5:36:17 PM / Custom Automation - Fiber Optics

Have you ever been curious how a smart phone knows which way it is (or isn’t) oriented when taking pictures?  Or how auto pilots in ships or aircraft keep the vessel upright?  Or how rockets, and orbiting satellites are guided into space?  Or how computers are so easily able to show the 1st down line on televised football games while the cameras are in motion? Devices called gyroscopes provide each..

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Neural Networks in Manufacturing

By: Fraunhofer USA CMI / Nov 7, 2019 5:04:51 PM / Custom Automation

When approaching the construction of a single product, it's easy to take the time to use the finest materials, measure carefully, align pieces, and make necessary adjustments to provide the best result. Carpenters choose their preferred wood, work with the grain, and avoid machine jolting knots. Medical instruments are painstakingly honed and tested to ensure a tool that will perform reliably..

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Automated Plant Sample Preparation Yields Better Data for Better Crops

By: Fraunhofer USA CMI / Jan 22, 2019 4:37:00 PM / Custom Automation

Individual plant cells can reveal how certain plants thrive in a variety of environments. Studying plant cells in single cell formats promises richer, more detailed data sets than pooling all the information together. However, plant cells can be difficult to isolate without killing the cell. Roots and shoots are often tough and fibrous while leaves are typically broad and tender. Ripping apart..

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