Our guiding principles

The Fraunhofer USA - Center for Manufacturing Innovation - conducts applied research and development leading to the deployment of technological solutions that enhance the productivity and competitive position of our customers while educating engineering students in the process.


Fraunhofer USA CMI strives to be the best at everything it does. This is accomplished by investing in state-of-the-art facilities and recruiting outstanding engineers and scientists, leading to an international recognition of excellence.

Customer Satisfaction

Fraunhofer USA CMI strives to create long-term partnerships with its customers by ensuring that all its activities are carried out in a way that is beneficial to its customers. Customer satisfaction is viewed as a key measure of the quality of services and overall success of the organization.

Operational Efficiency

Fraunhofer USA CMI utilizes state-of-the-art internal administrative procedures and methods that enhance the productivity of its engineers and scientists, providing higher value and making it more cost-effective to the customers.

Employee Motivation

Fraunhofer USA CMI believes that its employees are its biggest and most important asset. The success of the organization is foremost dependent on the quality and dedication of its employees. Consequently, the organization provides all the employees with an excellent and fun working environment as well as a platform for professional development.


Fraunhofer USA CMI promotes an entrepreneurial environment that applies both to internal decision making as well as external spinoff of technological innovations. The organization is run as a cost center, and all employees are empowered to make decisions in an independent, but coordinated, fashion. This enables targeted and efficient innovation and deployment.