Doing Business With Us

We design products, shape technology, and improve methods.

Fraunhofer USA CMI brings cutting edge research and development and a highly trained staff to tackle the toughest problems for our customers. This includes development of custom automation systems, innovative, more efficient processes, biomedical instruments and devices, as well as benchmarking against best practices. We bridge the gap between academic research and industrial needs, and leverage both in doing so. Our industrial clients include large multi-national companies, SMEs, and startups. We also collaborate with other renowned research organizations, universities, and research hospitals to fulfill our mission of improving the world through the application of advanced technologies. 

Information for Industrial Clients:

For over twenty years, large and small companies have turned to Fraunhofer USA CMI for assistance in solving their most challenging problems. Through our structured and rigorous approach, we mix emerging research with state-of-the-art technologies to develop custom solutions not available in the marketplace. We work in a number of industry sectors, including biotech/biomedical, consumer products, aerospace, fiber optics/photonics, and energy. Our clients typically engage with us in two ways:

Contract Research and Development

We offer a free-of-charge assessment as to whether our organization can help address your needs. If we can, we next gather sufficient information to provide a proposal as to how we can be of service, typically under a non-disclosure agreement. All of our proposals include a phased approach to mitigate risk, a clear statement of deliverables, milestones, and cost. We have a flexible and transparent intellectual property policy which has worked well with both large and small companies, alike.

Joint Government Funding

Fraunhofer USA CMI can support companies applying for government funding, in the form of joint proposals or as R&D subcontractors with letters of support. We participate in both large-scale government programs as well as SBIRs, and are in compliance with all pertaining government regulations for such funding. 

If you are interested in finding out if Fraunhofer USA CMI is the right partner for your project, please contact Bill Mosolgo.

Our Industrial Project Partners

Information for Academic Collaborators:

Fraunhofer’s unique model to partner with academic and research institutions has stood the test of time. Since its inception, Fraunhofer has worked closely with academia to bridge the gap between research and application.

Fraunhofer USA CMI brings its engineering expertise to deploy research innovations to practice. We collaborate extensively with other universities, non-profit research institutions, and hospitals in jointly applying for government research grants and contracts, either as the prime organization or as a sub-recipient. We have a number of on-going government grants (NIH, NSF, DARPA, etc.) and are in compliance with government regulations pertaining to government funding.

If you are interested in finding out if Fraunhofer USA CMI is the right partner for your project, please contact Professor Andre Sharon.

Our Academic Research Collaborators