Services in Biomedical Engineering

At Fraunhofer CMI engineers and scientists work together to find unique solution at the interface of life sciences and engineering.

Biomedical Instruments and Devices

Fraunhofer CMI’s Capabilities in Biomedical Engineering

One of our core strengths is the application of advanced engineering to biological problems. We combine multidisciplinary in these areas – mechanical design and engineering, biology and chemistry, electronics and software, assay development – and are trusted by many of the leading pharmaceutical and medical device companies and research collaborators to successfully carry out their project goals. We offer design and engineering services to prototype unique integrated solutions for the biotech, biomedical industry.

We operate in four major fields of biomedical engineering

  1. In Vitro Diagnostics
  2. Tissue engineering
  3. Medical Devices
  4. Scientific instruments

Automation, Assay development, and Prototyping

A typical project might include the automation of an existing assay or the development of an assay on a new device. In addition to procedural work, we also design and develop new types of medical tools and instruments. All projects benefit from the coordinated, rigorous efforts of our engineers and scientists, who apply their respective knowledge and skills towards achieving every client's goals.

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