Process Management and Consulting

When faced with production challenges, established companies, startups, and governmental institutions engage Fraunhofer USA CMI to benchmark their current process, and introduce new technologies that will address their challenges.

Fraunhofer USA CMI begins the process by reviewing the client’s current operation and identifying challenge areas in need of improvement. Technology Scouting is used to bring together possible solutions from internal expertise, university contacts, industry experts, journals, and scientific literature. The ideas are tabulated into technology data sheets showing the evaluation criterion including: field of application, maturity of technology, costs (investment & operational), maintenance/service, and effort of implementation. Final evaluation is performed using a two dimensional technology assessment technique. The down-selected solutions are then proposed for implementation.  

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Recent Process Management News

Automated Plant Sample Preparation Yields Better Data for Better Crops.

Fraunhofer USA CMI,, January 22, 2019. Individual plant cells can reveal how certain plants thrive in a variety of environments. But plant cells can be...

A practical approach for the optimization of channel integrity.

Fraunhofer USA CMI,, June 5, 2018. A practical approach for the optimization of channel integrity in the sealing of shallow microfluidic devices made from...

Continuous-flow qRT-PCR for rapid Ebola identification.

Fraunhofer USA CMI,, January 1, 2018. Research Scientists discuss the development of a low-cost POC RT-PCR platform that accomplishes the detection of RNA...

Recent Publications

Rapid phenotypic stress-based microfluidic antibiotic susceptibility testing of Gram-negative clinical isolates

Kalashnikov, M., Mueller, M., McBeth, C., Lee, J.C., Campbell, J., Sharon, A., et al. (2017). In: Scientific Reports. 7(1), : NCBI, p. 8031.
Bacteremia is a life-threatening condition for which antibiotics must be prescribed within hours of clinical diagnosis....

Microfluidic advances in phenotypic antibiotic susceptibility testing

Campbell, J., McBeth, C., Kalashnikov, M., Boardman, A., Sharon, A., Sauer-Budge, A.F. (2017). In: Biomedic Microdevices. 18(6), : NCBI, p. 103.
A strong natural selection for microbial antibiotic resistance has resulted from the extensive use and misuse of...

Rapid Detection of Bacteria from Blood with Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy

Boardman, A., Wong, W.S., Premasiri, W.R., Ziegler, L.D., Lee, J.C., Miljkovic, M., et al. (2016). In: Analytical Chemistry. 88(16), 8026-35.
Traditional methods for identifying pathogens in bacteremic patients are slow (24-48+ h). This can lead to physicians...