Welcome to Fraunhofer USA CMI

The Fraunhofer USA - Center for Manufacturing Innovation - conducts applied research and development leading to the deployment of technological solutions that enhance the productivity and competitive position of our customers while educating engineering students in the process.

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Science portal GENOMEWEB reports about Fraunhofer USA CMI's low-cost, real-time, continuous flow PCR system for pathogen detection.

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Fraunhofer USA - Center for Manufacturing Innovation

The Fraunhofer USA - Center for Manufacturing Innovation, located in Boston, Massachusetts, is dedicated to serving the research and development needs of American industry. As part of the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, we belong to one of the world's leading applied research organizations. Our Objective is to help companies and universities translate academic research into marketable technologies in an efficient manner.


Custom Automation System

Contact us to improve your productivity with our turnkey custom automation systems.


Biomedical Instruments and Devices

Contact us to find advanced engineering solutions for biological problems.


Process Management and Consulting

Contact us when faced with production challenges to benchmark your current process, and get introduced to new technologies that will address your challenges.