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For international students

Fraunhofer CMI's internship program provides a global experience to approximately 16 international interns per year. Since its inception, the program has hosted over 300 students. Interns are provided with housing and a stipend and are encouraged to experience not only the American workplace, but the American culture as well. The program has been tremendously successful, receiving rave reviews from all involved. These students are subsequently highly recruited in their home countries as they bring a global perspective to the job.

Explore your possibilities

Internship opportunities, for a minimum duration of 6 months, are available on a continuous basis for students with engineering, biology, or project management backgrounds. As an intern, you will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and develop technical skills that will help you excel in your career.

For students from BU and the greater Boston area

Fraunhofer CMI offers various positions for students in research, engineering, and administration throughout the year. Positions can be part- to full-time in the summer, and part-time during the academic year.

How to apply?

If you would like to be considered for an internship:

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Fraunhofer CMI Internship Program

Get some insights from our recent participants!

© Martha Maria Frysztacki


"My advice to future interns: Don't have very strict expectations, be open minded and enthusiastic. Then the internship as well as the city of Boston with its charming people will be one of the most precious experiences in your life."

© Matthias Pieplak


"What I liked best about my internship? The creative environment. Friendly colleagues. The internationality. Spending time in Boston, because Boston is awesome!"

© Gary Holland


"All in all the year I spent at Fraunhofer USA CMI was the best of my life! The combination of interesting and challenging work, friendly colleagues, very good apartment location and the subsequent improvement to my career prospects made it a superb experience."

© Marc Mueller


"What do I like best about my master thesis project at Fraunhofer USA CMI? The friendly working environment, being part of the research and development of diagnostic devices, and the combination of biology and engineering."

© Michael Sodamin


"What do I like best about my internship in project management? The freedom, flexibility and responsibility I was experiencing. Working together with bright minded people, in staff and interns is accelerating the own urge to contribute."