Plug and Play PV Systems: Partners


Stakeholder Benefits

The system-level approach of Plug and Play PV systems will provide benefits to all stakeholders:


  • A safe PV system, quickly and easily installed at low cost
  • Significantly reduced up-front costs and accelerated return-on-investment


  • Reduced uncertainties in permitting and inspection make installations more efficient, increasing margins
  • Larger market means they are able to serve more customers

Solar System Manufacturers:

  • Higher volume of sales
  • Increased share of the installed system value (i.e., increased margins)


  • New market opportunity for retailers
  • New distribution channels


  • Significantly faster interconnection, less routine work
  • More insight into installed base of distributed generation resources


  • Simplified permitting and inspection process - to support rapid adoption
  • Safer systems

Project Team

Fraunhofer CSE’s Plug and Play research is currently supported by a multidisciplinary group of partners, including the following manufacturers:

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In addition, the following team members will provide support with code, standards, demonstration, and validation:

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Fraunhofer CSE is actively looking for stakeholders to join the Plug and Play PV system standard working group.