Gear and Transmission Technology

At Fraunhofer CMI, we improve gear manufacturing processes, design gears, and enhance existing designs in close collaboration with Fraunhofer IPT and WZL Aachen.

Gear Courses

Fundamental of Gear and Transmission Technology

In this course on gear and transmission technologies, basic properties of gears as a machine elements, gear manufacturing technologies, methods for quality control, as well as testing and analysis of load carrying capacity and running behavior are presented. The course focuses on methods of interpretation, analysis and solving challenges in the design, manufacturing and application of gears.


The course is meant for designers and manufacturing engineers working in gear and transmission technology, as well as for shop floor and department managers involved with the production and sale of gears and gearboxes. 

The course addresses the following topics:

  • Transmissions and their components
  • Load and failure
  • Geometry of gears
  • Gear design
  • Manufacturing chains and materials
  • Failure mode analysis
  • Forming and shaping processes
  • Investigation of load carrying capacity
  • Soft machining
  • Excitation behavior
  • Hard machining
  • Investigation and optimization of excitation behavior
  • Process chains
  • Manufacturing simulation and tooth contact analysis
  • Gear quality

Next course: August 21-22, 2018


Fee: $1,495

Location: Fraunhofer CMI

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