MLSC Cooperative Research Matching Grant

Press Release / 19.6.2015

Fraunhofer CMI has been awarded MLSC Cooperative Research Matching Grant. The Cooperative Research Matching Grant Program by Massachusetts Life Sciences Center (MLSC) is designed to promote industry-academic research collaborations, support translational research, and accelerate the commercialization of promising products and services.

Dr. Alexis Sauer-Budge, of Fraunhofer CMI, is one of the research partners that were authorized to receive a Cooperative Research Matching Grant (grant amount: $225,000) in June 2015. Fraunhofer CMI is partnering with AdvanDx to propose the development of a rapid and low cost system for positively identifying the microbes causing sepsis, which would then lead to faster treatment. Sepsis accounts for 40% of all ICU costs, making it the most expensive condition treated in US hospitals. According to the federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, sepsis cases cost more than $20 billion to treat in 2011.

SOURCE: Massachussets Life Sciences Press Release