Internship: Tissue Engineering and Molecular Biosensors

Internship: Tissue Engineering and Molecular Biosensors

New Internship in Tissue Engineering Through 3D Printing and Biosensors

Portrait of Joseph von Fraunhofer
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Portrait of Joseph von Fraunhofer

Start Date: Available Immediately

Application Deadline: 2 weeks before intended start date

Standard length of internship: 6 months

Thesis availability: Yes


Fraunhofer CMI – Center for Manufacturing Innovation – conducts advanced R&D (Research and Development) and engineering solutions for a broad range of industries, including biotechnology/biomedical, manufacturing, and renewable energy. Our services include product development, device development, high precision automation systems, rapid in vitro diagnostic assays, and rapid in vitro diagnostic instruments.

Responsibilities and learning opportunities:

Our Tissue Engineering and Molecular Biosensors project focuses on developing a set of real-time in-line molecular biosensors for monitoring differentiation of bone cells. We will use these biosensors to explore how various mechanical environments support bone development. An additional aspect of this project includes working with our engineering team to generate these mechanical environments using fabricated molds and our custom 3D bioprinter. This interdisciplinary project offers excellent opportunities to gain experience in a number of fields including molecular biology, cellular biology, materials science, and hydrogel metrology. It is a perfect internship for students looking to expand their work in biomedical engineering.

While interning for this project, you’ll have the opportunity to work with Dr. Christine McBeth as your supervisor, and your tasks will include:

·         Studying the effects of mechanical environment on osteoblast development

·         Generating and optimizing molecular biosensor transfection protocols

·         Fully characterizing mechanical properties of hydrogel support scaffolds

·         Bioprinting hydrogels for use in differentiation experiments

What we expect:

·         A good academic record in biology, biotechnology, or a similar field

·         Ability to accept a high degree of responsibility in a team-based organization, combined with the ability to work independently

·         Experience with molecular biology, cellular biology, or biomedical engineering is required

·         Intercultural competences and motivation to integrate into American culture

·         Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English

·         Proficiency in MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint

What you can expect from us:

·         Opportunity to acquire practical research experience through responsibilities

·         Integration as a fully valued member in our team

·         Housing in a shared apartment with fellow interns and a monthly stipend


·         Connect with Fraunhofer CMI on:

·         Send an email with Your Name and suggested internship in the subject field

o   Example: Casper Donnerstag for Tissue Engineering and Molecular Biosensors

·         Attach your cover letter, resume, transcripts, and any letters of recommendations. Single PDF files are preferred, not required

·         Send your email to

Please note, Thesis Projects ARE available with this internship.