Gear and Transmission Technology and Education

Contact us to improve the efficiency of your manufacturing processes or to improve your gear train design for noise reduction and increased load capacity.

Gear and Transmission Technology and Education

Modern gears are highly complex with high requirements including noise behavior and load carrying capacity. These requirements need to be achieved through cost-effective gear manufacturing processes.

Whether you need a new gear designed from scratch, optimizing of existing gear designs, testing of current designs or a complete new process chain for the manufacturing of specific geared components, we at Fraunhofer CMI can help you address your challenges and achieve your objective. With our on-site experts and through collaboration with our partners at WZL and Fraunhofer IPT in Aachen, Germany, we combine over 50 years of history in gear related research to provide you with custom solutions that meet your toughest demands.  


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One of the big challenges identified by the US gear industry is the lack of skilled labor. We want to help tackle that challenge by providing short courses, both at our facility or at your site, to educate your workforce on the latest gear design and manufacturing technologies.

Experimental proof of load carrying capacity, excitation behavior or efficiency is obligatory in the development process of most transmissions. At Fraunhofer CMI, together with our partners at Fraunhofer IPT and WZL in Germany, we offer state of the art gear testing services. We are open to help you solve your challenge.